Terms and Conditions

Public contract

This Agreement is public and regulated by Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, its conditions are the same for all users, regardless of their status (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur).
LLC “The Saloons” – EDRPOU code 45234337, (hereinafter – the Company) on the one hand (the company’s website www.kyivsws.com, hereinafter – the Site), guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, offers to an individual, or a legal entity, or an individual entrepreneur (hereinafter – Participant), hereinafter together – the Parties, and each individually – a Party, to enter into a public agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) on the following terms:


1.1. The participant is obliged to familiarize himself with the Public Contract. By using any part of the Site, the Participant automatically gives his consent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement with the Company.

1.2. All additions and changes to this Agreement are published on the Site, and if the Participant disagrees with the changes made to the Agreement, he must stop using the site

1.3. The information contained on the Site in the form of informational materials of the Company is current as of the date of their compilation.

1.4. If the Legislation of the country where the Participant is located prohibits the use of the Site for any reason, the Participant must refrain from using the Site. If the Participant continues to use the Site, he does so at his own risk and responsibility. At the same time, all conditions of these Rules remain in force.

1.5. Terms:

The company is a legal entity of “The Saloons” LLC – EDRPOU code 45234337

The Participant is an individual, or a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, who makes a Contribution for the benefit of the type of contribution chosen by him, using the information on the Site. A participant is a subject of personal data who, after registering on the Site, gives his consent to the processing of his personal data in the Company’s personal data base, in accordance with the current legislation on the Privacy Policy

Contribution – the amount of money deposited by the Participant into a bank account created by the Company for transfer to support the Project’s activities

The project is the idea of creating a bar-restaurant called “Kyiv’s Western Saloon”, owned by the Society and placed on the Site, which has social value and enables the Participant to receive the type of Reward he chooses by making a Contribution.

The reward is a gift that the Participant will receive after the successful implementation of the Project and the opening of the Kyiv’s Western Saloon bar-restaurant. The gift consists of a temporary membership with various types of privileges, the terms and conditions of which can be found on the Site

1.6. The date when the Participant filled out the Contribution form located on the Site and unquestionably accepted the terms of this Agreement is considered the date of conclusion of the Agreement between the Participant and the Company. A mandatory condition for registration of the conclusion of the Agreement between the Participant and the Company is receipt of confirmation of the Contribution in electronic form.


2.1. The Company guarantees that the information about the Project, which it provides in the form of information on the Site, is complete, legal and reliable.

2.2. The Company independently chooses the options for the amount of the Contribution necessary for the implementation of the Project, as well as the period during which such an amount must be collected using the Site. After publishing information about the Contributions on the Site, the Company cannot make changes to the text of the Contributions description, visual components and video materials related to the Contributions.

2.3. The Company offers to receive a Reward for making Contributions and provides a detailed description of such a Reward on the Site, as well as the conditions for its receipt

2.4. The period during which the Company wishes to collect the total amount of funds indicated by it cannot be less than 30 and more than 180 calendar days from the date of registration of the first Contribution

2.5. All Contributions transferred by Participants are considered charitable financial assistance.


3.1. The participant has the right to:
– make Contributions in an unlimited number;
– use all the possibilities of the Project offered by the Company on the Site;
– contact the Society for clarification regarding the information on the Site by sending a request to contact@kyivsws.com

3.2. The participant is prohibited from:
– publish payment details on the Site, through which the Contributions will be charged contrary to the order of Contributions proposed by the Company;
– use other methods of crediting Contributions to the Company’s current account, except for those specified on the Company’s Website. The Company is not responsible and does not guarantee the Participant’s receipt of the Reward due to making such Contributions, as well as the return of the Contribution;
– use any information from the Site for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Company

3.3. The company has the right:
– not to compensate any damages caused to Participants or third parties as a result of anyone’s participation in the Project;
– not to guarantee the compliance of the Project with the Participant’s goals and expectations;
– make changes and additions to the Agreement at any time by posting the current version on the Site, the date of posting on the Site is considered the date of entry into force of the new version of the Agreement

3.4. Responsibilities of the parties:
– The Company is not responsible for losses or any damage suffered by the Participant as a result of misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the terms of the Project;
– The Company is not responsible for losses or any damage suffered by the Participant, which occurred as a result of a disruption of the Site as a result of its use or impossibility of use;
– all Contributions are considered a gift and are non-refundable. By clicking the “make a contribution” link on the Site, the Participant agrees that the Contribution he makes is made of his own free will in order to facilitate the implementation of the Project. Bar-restaurant “Kyiv’s Western Saloon” offers Rewards to Participants as a form of membership. The rewards that will be given are gifts of gratitude for participating in the construction of the best entertainment center in Kyiv, it is not a purchase


4.1. The use for commercial and any other purposes of any materials and information from the Site without the written permission of the Company is strictly prohibited;
4.2. All materials posted on the Site belong to the Company and are protected by legislation in the field of intellectual property rights protection