While Ukraine is under attack from russia, Kyiv’s Western Saloon is committed to helping in the fight for freedom. KWS will be contributing some of its proceeds to the war effort, whether directly to our military aid as well as humanitarian aid for our displaced citizens.  Along with aid towards the victory effort, KWS will be hiring as many of our veterans as possible, giving them new career opportunities and jobs in the service industry.  We pray for peace as soon as possible and will do what we can in the meantime to help.

Enter a New Old World ​

What does Kyiv’s Western Saloon mean?  With Ukraine’s beautiful culture of dance, farm and ranching, we’re combining the romantic Wild West of American culture to Ukraine and create a fusion of the two, for a dynamic experience.  This will be Kyiv’s first Western Saloon of the people and for the people. 

When you walk through those old swinging saloon doors, leave your life behind and enter the old west, with the sounds of boots clicking on wooden floors, classic and contemporary country western music, then feel the smell of fire grilled steaks and ribs in your nose, and hear the sounds of laughter and the clinging of beer mugs toasting to good friends.  What do you want to be?  Who do you see yourself as?  Do you want to be Doc Holiday, or maybe the saloon brothel lady, Mademoiselle?  Maybe the forman and cowhand for a large ranch, or a cabaret dancer on stage?  Make sure you pick your alias name as well, then come in and enjoy the country western romance.  Everyone can be a part of this Wild West fantasy.  Who knows, there might be some would be thieves trying to come in and rob the joint… witness our deputies jump into action with a shoot out to defend the Saloon and our patrons.  Who will be the hero that evening?  Will it be Miss Susie Hart, or maybe Jack Alison, or possibly the bartender, of course our deputies ultimately are the ones who save the day.  After an event like that, it sure brings forth an appetite for a robust American burger, fresh off the grill, flame broiled and dripping with flavor, to be washed down with your favorite beer or a fine shot of whiskey. Get yourself ready to dance.  Each evening the Saloon provides free dance lessons for country 2 step and line dancing, our instructors are professional and happy to teach everyone.  We will have the best DJs in the city as well as live music provided by Ukraine’s finest bands. 

Oh, and don’t forget to test your skills and balance on our mechanical bull ( Bruiser ).  He’s an ornery cuss, so let’s see if you can tame him.  Who knows, if you can tame this wild bull, you’ll have the right to rename him… from Bruiser to Daisey, or any other name you like.  Good luck partner!


Our Western Wear Apparel Store

As you enter the Saloon and walk down the corridor, you can’t help but notice our apparel shop in glass. You’ll be able to choose the outfit that suits you best. We’ll have the classics of Stetson hats, and Ariat boots and many other brand names to choose from. Some of the best shirts and skirts are traditionally embroidered, and we’ll have a wonderful selection of Ukrainian embroidery and American embroidery styles. With your new name and slick attire, come live a new life within the walls of Kyiv’s Western Saloon.

Western Style Dance

Country western two-step is unique.  It allows you to enjoy dancing no matter what level you’re at.  On two-step, just remember, ” quick quick, slow slow “, after that, everything else will fall into place.  Line dancing is one of the most popular forms of dancing in the world where everyone enjoys kicking up their heals.



Sheriff: Mike, alias (Jack Alison)

Mike ( Jack Alison ), grew up on the pacific coast of America.  Hollywood was right around the corner and western movies was a young boys fantasy.  It wasn’t until later in Jack’s life he moved to cowboy country called ” Big Sky Country ” of Montana.  He wrestled cattle, raised horses and brought up his 5 sons in this vast beautiful land.  Jack also served in the US Marine Corps, which really formed a character of care and a desire to defend those who are in need.  He had been introduced to Ukraine back in 2006 and fell in love with the culture and people.  In 2014 with the invasion of Russia, this broke his heart.  He came in 2015 and began training the military forces of Ukraine, even to this day he continues to help our veterans.  Jack has permanently resided in Ukraine for over 5 years now and has a vision to bring the first country western saloon to Kyiv since he first landed here.  Now this vision will be a reality and he’s looking forward to bringing the charm and grit of the Old West to Kyiv.  Ukraine has a wonderful dance culture, which includes, folk, ballet, contemporary, Latin, swing, and more… he is pleased to add the country style of music and dance to Ukraine’s love for music and dance.

Owner Mike


Director: Svitlana, alias ("Madam" Dallas Oakley)

Svitlana (Dallas Oakley) “Madam”, Ukrainian born, is experienced in the art of culinary delights.  She is well known and sought after throughout Ukraine and parts of Europe with her skills and experience in the food industry.  Dallas has been asked to help set up and start companies for new products and ideas, but she remains drawn to the traditions of the Wild West and with a bit of a wild and adventurous spirit in her, she brings great energy to the Saloon.  Miss Oakley is able to shoot a fly off a horses ass at 50 meters, much like her well know great great cousin Annie Oakley. 

With Dallas’ love of rich and robust flavors, Kyiv’s Western Saloon and our patrons, will be delighted with those savory BBQ dishes. 


Step into the Wild West Wonderland!


Quench your thirst with our handcrafted cocktails and selection of American and Ukrainian beers.


Get ready to saddle up and hold on tight! Our mechanical bull is here to test your cowboy skills.

Kick Up Your Heels

Two-step the night away on our lively dance floor with friendly instructors to guide you along.



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